The right time: Paraguay residents grateful for food assistance

The right time: Paraguay residents grateful for food assistance

Church of the Nazarene South America
| 12 Jun 2020
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The Paraguay Sur District was able to assist churches in its area thanks to the COVID-19 Emergency Project sponsored by Nazarene Compassionate Ministries on the South Cone Field. 

Pablo Tello, the district superintendent, was grateful for how the project catered to a multitude of needs.

“We are grateful to God that in the midst of this pandemic—where everything seems daunting and we live with so much uncertainty—we have seen the hand of God in a surprising way,” Tello said. 

The project provided “encouragement kits” with food resources in four locations across the Paraguay Sur District. 

For a family in Desmochados, the knock on the door with provisions came at the right time.

“God surprised us in those days,” they said. “When we saw [them] arrive with the bags of merchandise, we could not contain the tears. God is not late; He knocked on our door just in time.”

There are many stories like that of the family in Desmochados. Tello says that he has seen families turn to the Lord in this time of need because they have seen God provide for them in the midst of unexpected crises in their lives.

“Many individuals and families throughout the district have gratefully accepted assistance,” Tello said. “But many have also heard the Word of God and accepted Christ in their hearts for the first time, turning 180 degrees in the direction of their lives.”

“This was the case for Don Tomás Antonio González, who decided to go through the waters of baptism regardless of the cold, or what others may say,” Tello added.

The pastors who helped deliver kits to the community in Pilar said they were met with gratitude, not only to the church but to God as well for the provisions that would help them in a significant way.

In Isla Umbú, 130 people were fed. Church members also delivered food to 20 more families in their community, sharing the gospel with each person. 

“Let us continue preaching the Word with more fervor,” Tello said. “God continues to touch hearts and change families, taking away the anguish and bringing hope, even in these times.”

--Church of the Nazarene South America


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