Frequently Asked Questions



1. Project Funds Questions:

Q - How do I send in Project Funds?

A - We have several different ways that you can submit your project funds.

       ● Funding the Mission Website:         https://ftm.nazarene.org

             ∘ You can pay by credit card through Funding the Mission

             ∘ You can pay via ACH through Funding the Mission 

             ∘ You can send them to Global Treasury Services along with the Project Remittance Form, available on the Resources page.

2. Insurance Questions:

Q - How do I sign up for NMT Insurance?

A - Within the new Teams Management System there is an action button that you can click that will allow you to purchase insurance right in the system. Please see the Team Leader Training guide for step by step instructions.


Q - How do I pay for NMT Insurance?

A - You can pay using either a credit card or check.


Q - Where do I send my check for NMT Insurance?

A - When you choose to pay with a check, after you click submit to finalize your insurance purchase, there will be a prompt to download a document you must print out. It will contain a receipt of charges and instructions on the information you will need to put on the check and where to mail it.


Q - How much does NMT Project Insurance Cost?

A - International - $3.25 per person per day

A - US Domestic - $1.25 per person per day

3. Project Questions:

Q - How do I find a project on the website? 

A - Go to Nazarene.org/missions-teams and click on “Search Additional Projects” 


Q - Where is the list of all the projects for NMT Projects?

A – Nazarene.org/missions-teams and Click on “Search Additional Projects” 


Q - Can small children go on an NMT Project trip?

A – It is always a good idea to contact the Site Coordinators to ensure the project is suitable for small children to participate. 


Q – How do I register my team for an NMT Project?

A – Contact the Site Coordinator, set the dates your team would like to come and the Site coordinator will create the initial registration that you as the Team Leader will continue. (All Training Guide are available on the Resources page https://nazarene.org/missions-teams/resources ) 


Q – Can Teens go to a Project without their parents?

A – Yes, teenagers (any student under the age of 18) are able to participate on an NMT Trip. The NMT Unaccompanied Minor Release Form must be completed and notarized before the trip and must be carried by the Team Leader at all times. The form can be found on Resources page and in the Teams Management system https://nazarene.org/missions-teams/resources

4. Health and Safety Questions:

Q - What are the Health and Safety regulations for the country I am going to? 

A – Contact the Site Coordinator by sending them a message in Teams Management.

     • You can also Google the “Health and Safety Regulations” for the country you will be traveling to. 


Q - Do we need shots or vaccinations to go in an NMT Trip? 

A – Check the country’s embassy or travel sites for entry requirements 

    • This can be done easily by Googling “shots required for traveling to {enter country’s name}.”

5. Point to Point Request Questions:

Q - How do I submit a Point to Point request? 

A – Your church treasure can submit this request through Funding the Mission

     • Please note, if you are submitting this request it needs to be on an approved NMT Project that your team has registered for. In the request, please list the Team Name, and the first and last name of the Team Leader.


Q – What expenses can I submit for Point to Point Requests? 

A – Project funds, team travel costs, and per diem.     

     • DO NOT include souvenirs, tourism or insurance.

6. Required Forms Questions:

Q – What forms are required for teams to go on NMT Projects Trips? 

A – The list of forms that are required to be filled out and uploaded to the Teams Management system are:

     • NMT Heath Questionnaire Form

     • NMT Medical Release Form

     • NMT Mentor Reference Form

     • NMT Release and Consent Language Form (Adult or Minor)

     • Picture of your Passport


Q - Who has access to the required forms for NMT projects? 

A - Required forms will be sent to each team participant.

     • Team Leaders will have access to them on the Teams Management Team Leader Dashboard.

     • They also can be found on the Nazarene Missions Teams Resource page; https://nazarene.org/missions-team/resources