Argentina districts get creative to promote missions

Argentina districts get creative to promote missions

Church of the Nazarene South America Region
| 24 Sep 2021
Argentina Missions

Three Argentina districts recently developed events to help mobilize their churches in missions. The districts held the events online due the COVID-19 pandemic and hosted nearly 150 participants.

The Cuyo District had initially planned a missionary tour through the district that would include church visits and trainings in different areas. Because of the pandemic, leaders decided to conduct the event for the first time through Zoom and were pleasantly surprised by the number of participants.

“Of all these years that I have been in the church, this workshop has helped me understand many things about missions that I did not consider before,” one participant said.

The Patagonia Norte District was the first to open its doors for the in-person tour of the Meza and Lezcano families, who will be serving in Paraguay as sponsored missionaries. The district’s missions team has committed to support the project with its finances. Patagonia Norte also had its first district-wide training, “Missions in the Bible,” with 35 people participating online. 

"We thank God because there is a beautiful team,” said Ana Pogg, district NMI president. “[It is] still small but very enthusiastic, and I know that God is going to support their love for missions."

Finally, the Patagonia Central District held its traditional Mateada Misionera event online with approximately 80 participants. The event is a Bible study that also includes a time of fellowship when participants drink mate, the preferred drink on the South Cone Field. They welcomed Genesis* and the Lezcano family, who have blessed and challenged the church. 

“Glory to God for it! Thank you for your support and love for the mission," said Priscila Soria, a sponsored missionary.

*Name changed for security reasons

--Church of the Nazarene South America



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