Reopening and replanting the church in Barrio Obrero

Reopening and replanting the church in Barrio Obrero

Reopening and replanting the church in Barrio Obrero

Giving Code: 136181
Region: South America
Area: South America
COST (USD$): 38,965


The Church of the Nazarene in Barrio Obrero, Asuncion, Paraguay, was once a beacon in its community, but a series of challenges led to it closing years ago. Now, new leaders and a new dream of transformation and revitalization is breathing new life in this place.  They plan for a church that will act as a place of hope where all feel welcome and find Jesus’ saving grace and love for them! Included in their vision are:

  • Regular weekly services that share the gospel in a dynamic way
  • Discipleship focused especially on the local youth
  • Children's ministry
  • Cell groups called Houses of Prayer
  • Evangelism events, including the JESUS Film
  • A neighborhood soup kitchen able to serve at least 150 people
  • Integrated health services, including mental health services, on the premises

The current project is to make necessary updates to the property. Both the existing church building and parsonage have fallen into such a state of disrepair that they must be repaired in order to use them safely. In addition to addressing the safety concerns, investing in the physical property will be another way to assure the community that the church is here to stay.  

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