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Thousands of lives are transformed through the work of the Holy Spirit and World Mission Broadcast (WMB) programs.  WMB began as the Nazarene Radio League in 1944 and has expanded to a global network of programs contextualized for listeners and viewers around the world.





Now more than ever, we hold on to the connections all around us, strengthening our sense of community. Thanks to today’s technology we are able to connect with others worldwide and broadcast for the better. Now more than ever, it is time to refocus and share the message of hope in Jesus.
World Mission Broadcast desires to create a place for people across the world to connect with each other in a time where it is needed now more than ever. We are reaching beyond borders and barriers to share the light of Jesus in the dark corners of our world.
Now more than ever it is important to equip our partnering ministries with the tools they need to continue to connect with others despite this time of uncertainty.


PNG Church

Church Planting During a Pandemic – Papua New Guinea


World Mission Broadcast’s partners in Papua New Guinea established their radio ministry in 2002 with the goal to evangelize and do discipleship. They have three programs that they produce:

 "Cry of women": aims to reach women who go through violence, abuse, and polygamy through dramatized skits.

"Starting a Good Life": aims to reach the youth of the nation to bring them hope and encouragement through the Word of God.

"Christ Loves All the Children": aims to reach children from 7-13 years of age through dramatized Bible stories and real-life testimonies from children as they come to know Jesus as their Savior and friend.

This year the ministry celebrates a church that they were able to plant and its 27 new members. They also rejoice as another church was able to be planted by a businessman and local politician. Both buildings were dedicated in December 2020.



Ayman Radio

A Return to Radio in the Middle East – Beirut, Lebanon


For the first time ever in the Middle East, a Christian Evangelical Radio Station was launched in November 2020. Be Light FM (105.6 FM) is the first Arabic-speaking Evangelical radio station based in Lebanon, and it is now partnering with World Mission Broadcast.

After 16 years of producing TV programs and podcasts, WMB is now airing its production on Be Light FM, starting with the first radio show that used to be aired on TransWorld Radio in 2004 till the most recent TV program produced in 2019 on TV. It is a blessing for the Nazarene media ministries in the Middle East to reach even more people in the Arab world through the first Evangelical radio station in Lebanon.

Pastor Ayman Kafrouny continues to lead the Arabic television ministry around the world. A new season of “Esalouni An Yasouh” (Ask Me About Jesus) is currently in production. The television program, which originally was a 40-episode Lenten Special, is now a weekly series that includes a live interactive episode each month.  In a new partnership agreement, the ministry will also be moving production and airing on a new global satellite network, The Kingdom Sat from Atlanta, GA in 2021.



Esperanza Hoy

When Doors Close, You Pivot – Latin America


Church planters Pastors Marcelo Fretes and Viviana Perez have worked with World Mission Broadcast for almost 20 years, so when the pandemic closed the doors of their new church and changed their Holy Week outreach strategy, they launched (HopeToday) as a way of global discipleship not only to their young congregation but to the Spanish-speaking world.

Using the website and social media, Pastors Marcelo & Viviana host sharable graphic videos multiple times during the week and host a live discussion weekly. This is beyond their Sunday service which they stream live on the church’s social media.

Their ministry is now global, with people being discipled everywhere. A group of gypsies in Argentina who are illiterate listen to their devotionals as they are learning to read along to the graphic videos.

A medical doctor in Peru is sharing the devotionals with his patients suffering from COIVD-19.
Evan, a barber, has come to Christ through the ministry and is not involved in the local church. His testimony of life change has impacted his entire community.

Pastors Marcelo & Viviana even received a letter from evangelist Luis Palau who discovered their ministry and encouraged them to keep using this platform to reach people.

Plans are in the works for two additional digital devotional packages containing 50 devotionals each for churches to use locally.

Now more than ever, World Mission Broadcast shares the hope and promise of a constant, never-changing, loving God.




The future is now!

Join us in discovering new ways to share our hope in Christ through World Mission Broadcast.

Nazarene radio, television, and Internet programs reach millions of people the world over with the gospel every day because of the generous support of Nazarene churches. Thank you!



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