JESUS Film Harvest Partners celebrates 19 million decisions for Christ

JESUS Film Harvest Partners celebrates 19 million decisions for Christ

JESUS Film Harvest Partners for Nazarene News
| 15 Feb 2024

JESUS Film Harvest Partners (JFHP) has helped over 19 million people make decisions for Christ, according to the most recent monthly reports submitted by the 1,166 teams working in 67 countries.

JFHP officially launched in August 1997, making 1,969 the average number of decisions per day. In addition to these 19,035,432 decisions for Christ, in the last 26 years of ministry, 9,312,398 new believers have received discipleship follow-up, and 133,848 Preaching Points (church plants) have been established. 

JESUS Film teams are strategically and creatively sharing the gospel in five world regions. Here are some of the reports of what God has been doing around the world through JFHP:

Argentina team report

“Teresa began opening the doors of her home for Preaching Point meetings. Using the tools from the JESUS film, her husband was able to quit drugs and violence. He will be baptized soon. We believe God is calling many more courageous women to pray for their husbands and sons in marginalized neighborhoods. He is working mightily through this family — her husband already reached out to their relatives and shared the gospel!”

Ivan in Mexico

“I grew up immersed in an environment where thrill-seeking and acceptance among my peers were the priorities. In my home, the name of Jesus was rarely mentioned, and I had no idea of a loving and compassionate Savior. During this search for belonging, my life took an unexpected turn thanks to the Evangelism Soccer Ball. We paused during an intense game, and a teammate shared the story of Jesus and his transformative impact. His words resonated in my heart in a way I had never experienced before. At that moment, something in me changed, as if a light was lit in the darkness. Since then, my desire to live in a more meaningful way has intensified. Although the path to transformation has not been without challenges, Jesus is a beacon of hope and guidance. The influence of my friends has lost its power over me and has been replaced by the conviction to follow Christ’s example of love and compassion.”

Rose in Niger

“At the age of 15, I left home and joined a prostitution group to be able to support myself. My lifestyle led me to think that no one loved me because everything in my life was turned upside down. One day, I came across the place where they were screening the film JESUS, and I saw someone (Jesus) who loved me and even died for me. I gave my life to the Lord, and since that day, my life has not been the same. I abandoned the life of prostitution, and God gave me a new job. I have total peace in Christ Jesus.”

Gautam in South Asia

“There is not a single Christian in our village. Liquor was cooked and sold in our house. My exposure to this caused me to become a habitual drinker. I couldn’t work and was constantly getting in fights with others. I did not care about anything. My mother had gone to many Hindu temples looking for a solution for me but never found anything. Then she saw the JESUS Film team in our village and requested them to visit me. My entire family sat together as the team explained the life of Jesus, explaining why he came into this world, why he created us, and what he wants for us. They prayed for me and my family. Through the clips of the film, I could see how humble Jesus was. Despite being Lord himself, he had no anger, jealousy, or greed. Jesus loved all mankind and gave his life to sinners. I accepted Christ as my Savior and am now trying to live a new life.”

Philippines team report

“God is good all the time. We are praising him for his amazing grace through this ministry. Many children, young people, and adults want to see the JESUS film. It is my joy to see people trusting Jesus every time we have a film showing. Our lives become an instrument to bring the good news to different kinds of people in the community. Thank you for the JESUS Film ministry that has been part of the expansion of God’s kingdom throughout the Metro Manila District.”

--JESUS Film Harvest Partners



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