GNECsis - General Information


GNECsis - General Information



• Admissions, academics, human resources, student life, and student billing are all integrated in to one centralized database


• Web based delivery


• Information is available through a faculty portal, student portal, and a staff portal with custom role-based permissions.


• Library of pre-configured reports and the ability to make custom queries. Other custom reports available upon request


• User-friendly


• Available in English and Spanish (Portuguese coming soon)


• Mobile Aware


• Customizable with school colors and logos


• Deployed on Linux or Windows


• SQL Server or MySQL Databases


• Does not require internet for base operations, but increased functionality available with an internet connection


• Designed to work internationally with a variety of different educational structures.


• Includes functionality for tracking of denomination and church involvement


• Contact History tracking available for prospects and students, in order to keep an ongoing history of significant conversations. Emails sent directly from the system are automatically logged.


• Degree audit available to staff, advisor, and student


• Saved list creation makes working with a lists easier


• Works with multiple campuses/sites


• Allows tracking of multiple degrees for the same student


• International student visa tracking


• Shared person database makes it possible for all administration to share contact information


• Upload pictures of each person related to your school