Honduras Nazarenes create connections with indigenous community

Honduras Nazarenes create connections with indigenous community

Mesoamerica Region Church of the Nazarene
| 15 Nov 2023

The Church of the Nazarene of Morazán, Yoro, Honduras, visited the Calichal community on 3 September, where the indigenous Tolupan ethnic group is located. The team brought the message of the Word of God, created connections, and included programming for children. About 40 families heard the message, and even more families received clothing, shoes, kitchen utensils, and coats.

More than a month ago, the church’s lead pastor, Jahleel Amador, encouraged the church to visit the Calichal community after a church member shared his desire to bring the message of the Word of God to his family and friends. Pastor Jahleel said that the church happily accepted this initiative and prepared by putting together packages with clothes, shoes, and more to bring to the community.

Calichal is located about 42 kilometers (roughly 26 miles) from the church in the upper part of the mountains.

About 28 people of different ages undertook the trip in three vehicles. Despite an accident with one of the vehicles due to poor road conditions, all managed to reach their destination.

Upon arriving at the community, they could see the curiosity of the adults and joy of the children, said Pastor Martínez, secretary of the evangelism committee of the Northwestern District of Honduras.

They formed themselves into small groups to invite, visit, and evangelize to the residents. An outdoor service was held in the center of the community, and people gradually approached to listen to a message presented by Evangelist Julio Rivera.

After the message, church members distributed the gifts that were brought for the people. 

“A principle of our church is to care for both the spiritual and physical aspects of those in need,” Martínez said.

The children had fun with the piñatas and received what the church gave them with joy and gratitude.

Martínez said that one of the community leaders expressed his appreciation that this church was different from the others. In addition to the message and interest in adults, the church was also prepared to serve children. This caused the community leader to make himself available to help with whatever was necessary, and it opened the doors to making a connection with the Tolupanes community.

“We give all the glory and honor to God for allowing the church to continue reaching places and people who need to hear the message of salvation and holiness. The gratitude is also for everyone who contributed clothing, money, and transportation and participated by going and praying,” Martinez said. “Help us in prayer so that the Church of the Nazarene arises among the Tolupan people!”



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