Nigeria New Church Tents

Nigeria New Church Tents

Nigeria New Church Tents

Giving Code: 135770
Region: Africa
Area: Africa
COST (USD$): 32,500


The church is growing rapidly in Nigeria, and one of their most successful strategies is to plant new churches with new believers after sharing the JESUS film. Consistent meeting places have proven useful; leaders have noticed that groups who do not have dependable worship spaces frequently lose momentum and ultimately fail. Since property in the urban and semi-urban areas is expensive, leaders have moved towards leasing land and using tents to shelter believers from the elements.

This project is to buy 25 large tents. They are sturdy structures that have coverings with windows and entrance doors. They are decent, mobile and comfortable places for worship and discipleship classes.

The tents will be distributed between three different districts: 10 for Lagos district, 10 for the new Port Hartcourt district, and 5 for the South East District.

Each tent costs $1,000. A one year lease for the necessary land is about $300. The combination of 25 tents and 25 one-year leases brings the total to $32,500.

Lord willing, each congregation will be strong enough at the end of the first year to take financial responsibility for their lease.

These tents will become new places of worship and learning, giving a home to children’s Bible clubs, Bible studies, and worship services.  They will allow church planters in twenty five new locations to share the message of holiness, making Christ-like disciples in Lagos state and beyond.

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