Chapman International College welcomes Myanmar students to english training

Chapman International College welcomes Myanmar students to english training

Church of the Nazarene Asia-Pacific Region
| 13 Sep 2023
English Training

Chapman International College held a two-week intensive English language class from 14-25 August 2023 at its center in Insein Township, Yangon 1. Twenty-three students from different areas of Myanmar participated in the “Speaking English” class. 

The class aims to help the students prepare for their ministry. The students were excited and sought to learn and improve their English through this class. 

Charity Shonamon, a missionary to the Southeast Asia Field, taught the two-week intensive class, holding the students to a simple rule: “Everyone must speak English every day.” 

For some, this is an easy rule. But for others, it took a lot of courage to overcome the apprehension and embarrassment that is often associated with learning a new language.

The two weeks were filled with activities that grew the student’s confidence, like conversations, sharing of stories, and games. Learning to speak English outside the classroom became a bridge to building relationships and gaining real-life conversation experience. 

As they shared a meal, did their chores, traveled to the center, or sat together, the students connected in ways that transcend words.
One of the highlights of the two-week class was the “Restaurant Day” activity. The students worked together to create a mock restaurant, which engaged all of them in various roles, from serving, cooking, and ordering food as customers. English flowed effortlessly as they discussed their families, daily life, and preferences. This activity was a breakthrough from fears and inhibitions about speaking a foreign language.

This two-week English class has provided the students with additional tools as they prepare for their ministerial studies. Although they use their language to reach their communities, this class has connected them to the global community. Most importantly, this class taught the students that language helps build bridges, empowers people to share their beliefs, and connects to people’s hearts. 

--Church of the Nazarene Asia-Pacific



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