Streetlights: Africa

Streetlights: Africa

Streetlights: Africa

Giving Code: 133230
Region: Africa
Area: Africa
COST (USD$): 40,000


Dakar, Senegal, and Chicago, USA have much more in common today than they did a generation ago, and one likely conduit is music.
The Streetlights team and the missional creatives in Dakar have a plan to collaborate and spend time recording and producing a “sampler” of several Bible passages in Wolof, a language spoken by more than 10 million people in the region and by more than 90 percent of Senegal’s population, the overwhelming majority of whom are of another faith and do not have access to God’s word. The team also hopes to record and produce a “sampler” in French that can be used not only throughout urban hubs on the African continent where French is spoken in 26 countries but as a multimedia tool that can be used anywhere around the French-speaking world. 
God’s word over hip hop tracks may have started as a dream – the heartbeat of a kid from Chicago, but it’s taking on life now, catching fire. This partnership might just set off a movement for the heart of a different city, thousands of miles away, but one for whom Christ offers his life. Our prayer is that the “beat” of His heart would transform lives and communities in cities around the world for His name’s sake, for His praise and for His glory!

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