Mesoamerica Region shares gospel through Missions without Limits

Mesoamerica Region shares gospel through Missions without Limits

Church of the Nazarene Mesoamerica Region
| 21 Jan 2021
Missions Without Limits

Nearly 250 people gathered in over 40 locations across 10 countries on the Mesoamerica Region to share the gospel in creative ways through the Missions without Limits project.

Missions without Limits is a short-term project that emerged out of a need to minister to the local community during the COVID-19 pandemic. This missionary opportunity consisted of groups of up to 10 missionary volunteers who served their communities for seven days while following all pertinent health and safety precautions. 

During the weeks of 14-20 December 2020 and 4-10 January 2021, people of all ages gathered across the region. Each local group began by praying and meeting the needs of their neighbors. In some places, this was done virtually by the government of each country. 

The message of the gospel was shared through performers telling Bible stories, Work & Witness Days, nutrition and recycling workshops, sports competitions, medical and cleaning teams, Bible schools, and the distribution of hygiene kits, school supplies, food, and clothing, among other things.

“The young people were courageous in responsibly abiding by all health and safety measures while continuing to share the gospel,” said Mitzi Villegas, communications coordinator for Missions without Limits. “It’s exciting to see how small groups and local ministries are led by the Holy Spirit to transform their communities adapted into a context of global health care!”

The project emerged as a way of thinking about missions in a “glocal” way. While the teams serve locally, they carried out their work with an understanding of the global impact of the kingdom of God. At the same time, the churches made connections with people from other countries and cultures since the project is being developed simultaneously in various areas in the region.

“My experience in virtual Missions without Limits was beautiful and surprising because I knew a different way of doing missions,” said Narda Paz, a volunteer who served with the Gulf and Oaxaca districts of Mexico. “It filled me with joy to see that people I care about were able to hear the message of salvation on video calls and receive it in their hearts. Also, thank God we were able to work with the NCM in the Oaxaca District to give shoes to the windshield wipers vendors at the traffic lights. I hope all these activities can inspire other brothers and sisters to share the love and hope we have in God in creative ways and thus continue to expand the kingdom of God.”

Mitzi Villegas said that Missions without Limits transformed both the communities and the volunteer missionaries. This experience was characterized by what was new: new calls, new ministries, new believers who need to be discipled, new churches planted, and a new way of thinking about missions.

“Let us continue to dream of ways to continue serving our communities,” Villegas said. “Their love does not end, their compassion does not run out, and their mission has no limits!”

--Church of the Nazarene Mesoamerica



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