General Assembly Business Highlights: Day One

General Assembly Business Highlights: Day One

Nazarene News Staff
| 13 Jun 2023

The first business meetings of the 30th General Assembly and Conventions were held on Monday. Here are some highlights of the legislative results:


  • Re-elected incumbent general superintendents David A. Busic, Gustavo A. Crocker, Fili M. Chambo, and Carla D. Sunberg to serve for the next quadrennium.
  • Honored the service of general superintendents Eugénio R. Duarte and David W. Graves and bestowed upon them the title of general superintendent emeritus. Both served as general superintendents for 14 years after being elected at the 27th General Assembly in 2009 in Orlando, Florida, USA. 
  • Four ballots for general superintendent were cast. The top five vote recipients of the day’s final ballot were T. Scott Daniels: 302, Christian Sarmiento: 250, Deirdre Brower Latz: 179, Scott Rainey: 172, and Mark Louw: 105.
  • Adopted a resolution that adds General Board members to the General Assembly (GA-300).
  • Adopted a resolution that removes the requirement for General Assembly to be held in the month of June (GA-301).
  • Rejected a resolution that would have moved General Assembly to every five years (GA-302).
  • Accepted a resolution that raises the maximum age for election to the Board of General Superintendents from 68 to 70 (GA-303).


General Assembly business resumes at 8 a.m. Eastern Time. The sessions will be live streamed at



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