Manuel and Lidia Lima

Manuel and Lidia Lima
Manuel and Lidia Lima
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May 09, 2022 - Aug 06, 2022 | United States

Rev. Manuel (60) and Rev. Lídia (61) Lima have served in the District of Amazonia Brazil for over 10 years as missionaries. Before this journey, they served as pastors in São Paulo and Manaus for 29 years.

Manuel and Lídia both received their Bachelors in Theology from the Integrated Theological Faculty. They also both attended Nazarene Theological Seminary in Brazil and received their diplomas in 1983. Additionally, Lídia studied lato sensu at the Theological Faculty of Brazil in Teaching in Philosophy and Contemporary Theology.

Manuel was ordained in 1986 and Lídia was ordained in 2004. They were commissioned as global missionaries for the Church of the Nazarene in 2009.

In 2015, Manuel was appointed national director of the subregion Brazil, and moved back to São Paulo.

They have 5 children: Raquel (37), Lucas (34), Pedro (23), Mateus (22) and Caio (21). They also have 3 granddaughters: Giovanna, Letícia and Luísa.

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