Milton and Olga Gay

Milton and Olga Gay
Milton and Olga Gay
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Aug 01, 2022 - Aug 30, 2022 | United States

Since we received Jesus Christ as our only Savior, we felt a call to preach His Word. God called me (Milton) to be a Pastor when I had only 3 years of being a Christian. My wife Olga has been always by my side in every stage of my Christian life; she has been a great blessing to our ministry. Then the Lord called me to be a District Superintendent in El Salvador West. Olga and I planted 5 new churches in 5 years. After 12 years of being a Nazarene church leader God called me to be a missionary. It was a great challenge since my wife didn’t agree with the call at that time; however God, through prayer, helped her to make this important decision of accepting to serve the Lord through missions.

It hasn’t been easy, but we have seen God’s hand supporting us in every stage of our lives and we have learned to trust and to live by faith in His word. We believe we are here, because He has called us and we want to do His will.

After 9 years of serving as missionaries my children, my wife and I have learned to give up our rights and serve our Lord in His Kingdom.

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