Hechos 29 - Nazarene Church in Colombia

Hechos 29 - Nazarene Church in Colombia

Hechos 29 - Nazarene Church in Colombia

Giving Code: 133636
Region: South America
Area: South America
COST (USD$): 50,000


Chia is a city with some of the most rapid population growth in Colombia. The population has doubled in the last decade due to its proximity to Bogota, high number of private schools and universities, and migration from rural areas. We believe this growth creates a great opportunity to proclaim the presence of God to the community of Chia. Hechos 29 - Church of the Nazarene is located in Vereda Bojaca, a zone north of downtown that holds one of the largest concentrations of the population.
Since November of 2017, a group of seven Nazarene families opened Hechos 29 as a Mission Point. Today, Hechos consists of more than 90 members. That's a growth of more than 100%! 
Currently, Hechos 29 church holds a Sunday service in a rental facility, supported by tithes and offerings.
We believe that the Lord will continue to strengthen our congregation and trust in the continued growth of the church.  God has now given us the dream of building our own facility to develop our evangelism ministry in Chia and the surrounding municipalities like Cajica, Tocancipa, and Gachancipa. We will do this through evangelism cells, named “Alpha Groups.” 
Your gift will help enable our congregation to build our own facility to support continued efforts toward evangelism and compassion focused on youth and children. Thank you for your support!

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