SEA: Lahu Literature Project

SEA: Lahu Literature Project

SEA: Lahu Literature Project

Giving Code: 128559
Region: Asia-Pacific
Area: Asia-Pacific
COST (USD$): 15,000


Many of us have books scattered throughout our home. There may be detective novels for fun, textbooks, and devotionals for study, and perhaps several copies of the Bible that help teach us about our creator, how to have life with Jesus, and learn about our place in His Kingdom. Books have helped shape nearly every part of our life.

Suppose that you had a very different background. What if there were no books in your life. What type of education would you have if you did not have books or access to libraries? How would you learn about history, science, or other subjects without books? Would you grow as much in your relationship with Jesus if you did not have devotionals or commentaries? What if you were a Sunday School teacher, or a pastor and had no materials to learn from or resources for your church? This is the Lahu culture. While the Lahu have a written language, in most villages, the only books that they have are the Bible and hymnals.

We would like to see that change. We want to see villages where children have coloring books, primers for learning, and classics like Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Kidnapped”. More importantly, we want to develop resources to help people know Jesus. We would like to provide devotionals and Sunday School material, and for our pastors, we would like to provide books to help them learn about God, our Church, and how to help equip their local body of Christ. For those who are called into ministry, we would like to provide the Nazarene Course of Study in the Lahu language. This set of courses is the basic set of classes that are needed for ordination.

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