The Holy Life Bible Series Is Now Available

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Holy Life Bible Series

The Foundry Publishing’s Holy Life Bible Study Series is a practical discipleship tool for both new and seasoned Christians. Author Frank Moore takes readers on a journey that unpacks theological truths of faith in a way that is both inspirational and motivating.

Vacation Bible School

Nazarene Discipleship International
Vacation Bible School

Grab your friends and your life jackets and let’s go on a “River Rafting Adventure.” This year’s Vacation Bible School is sure to appeal to all ages of students as they follow Sammy and Bobby down the river. Following the book of Acts and emphasizing prevenient grace, saving grace, and sanctifying grace, this VBS curriculum will point your students toward Jesus.

Children’s Bible Quizzing

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Children's quizzing

When is the best time to begin children’s quizzing? 


There is never a wrong time! Children’s Bible quizzing follows a six-year cycle. The quiz years run with most American school calendars (September through August).  


Listening and Learning: The Joys of Teaching

Dr. Juanita Copley
Joys of Teaching

It was a beautiful fall day in Houston, Texas… one of those rare days that is just the right temperature — a day with little humidity, a light breeze, and cloudless. As part of a Department of Education grant, I was excited to spend my entire day with six classes of first graders and their teachers, modeling and sharing mathematics activities. As I opened the front door of Martin Elementary School, I was greeted by two first graders who ran down the hallway shouting, “The great BIG teacher is here.

Engaging in Men’s Ministries

Nazarene Discipleship International
men's ministry

For many years, my home church has engaged in men’s ministries. A core group of 10 to 20 men meet early on Fridays for food, fellowship, and fervent prayer.

God Is Really Moving in the Realm of Disability Ministry!

Nazarene Discipleship International
Disability Ministry

It has been a blessing to see the doors that have opened and the people who have come together to help make this ministry a reality. I thought it would be helpful to provide some updates about the ministry and ways that you can be involved. At this stage, I have a direct contact for Disability Ministry with just over half of our districts on the USA/Canada Region. Praise God for a great response from district leadership!

Concrete Crest!

ENC develops plan for closure

25 Jun 2024
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