NDI’s 2024 VBS - River Rafting Adventure is now online in English and Spanish!

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Every year, Nazarene churches are bombarded by numerous VBS programs from other denominations and companies not realizing that there is a VBS curriculum created by Nazarenes for Nazarenes. Before you purchase a VBS resource that may not reflect the Church of the Nazarene’s theology, investigate one created especially for Nazarene children.

NDI Global Director Meets with Ukrainian Families

Nataliia Skyba
Woman Praying

On December 11-12, 2023, Ukrainian families gathered in Barcelona, Spain, to attend an event organized in collaboration with Nazarene Discipleship International and Eurasia regional leaders.

Palmer Family Church Ministers to Those with Special Needs

Rev. Ryan Nelson
NDI Disability Ministry Coordinator
Disabled Playground

As the USA/Canada Region begins work blessing our communities, I felt it would be encouraging to share the work of one of our churches in Palmer, Alaska. Pastor Joe Parreira and his congregation were able to bless their community with a playground designed for individuals with special needs.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education

Dr. Mark Taylor
Christian School and College/University Representative
Artificial Intelligence

Have you heard about AI? AI is short for artificial intelligence. “Artificial intelligence (AI) is the theory and development of computer systems capable of performing tasks that historically required human intelligence, such as recognizing speech, making decisions, and identifying patterns.

In Memoriam Blossoms

In Memoriam: 15 March 2024

14 Mar 2024
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Nazarene Discipleship International Reports Ministry Progress in 2023

Nazarene Discipleship International
General Board

Every year, the NDI global director reports to the Board of General Superintendents and the General Board of the Church of the Nazarene. This report provides a synopsis and review of the people, projects, and resourcing provided by your NDI global staff to the world regions. The report below was submitted in last month’s meeting.

Eduardo Meza

Eduardo Meza appointed strategy coordinator…

14 Mar 2024
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