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Scott and Emily Armstrong
Scott and Emily Armstrong
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Sep 11, 2023 - Dec 10, 2023 | United States


Scott and Emily Armstrong are global missionaries and ordained elders in the Church of the Nazarene. They have been ministering in the Mesoamerica Region since January 2004 and have lived in the countries of Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama. Their son, Elijah, was born in May 2003 and was 7 months old upon their arrival to the mission field, and their daughter, Sydney, was born in Guatemala in February 2005.

Currently living in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Scott and Emily are coordinating the ministries of Mesoamerica Global Mission and Mesoamerica Genesis. They especially enjoy ministering with children, youth and young adults as they discern God’s call to mission in their lives.

  • Global Mission seeks to discover, develop and deploy missionaries from the countries of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.
  • Genesis is a regional initiative to make Christ-like disciples in the urban centers of Mesoamerica. Teams of volunteer missionaries are sent to strategic sites in order to develop and organize new urban churches and existing urban congregations are trained to more effectively reach their communities.

Scott and Emily also host a bilingual podcast to help educate on urban realities and missional topics. Find The Worthless Servants Podcast (or Los Siervos Inútiles Podcast) wherever you listen to your podcasts, episodes are released every other Thursday.

To know more about the various ministries, please find us online:

Genesis –, Facebook: MesoamericaGenesis

Center of Missionary Formation –, Facebook: Nazarene CMF

Armstrong Family –, Facebook: Armstrong Update

The Worthless Servants – Worthless Servants Podcast on Spotify, Facebook: Worthless Servants Podcast

Los Siervos Inútiles – Los Siervos Inútiles, Facebook: Siervos Inútiles Podcast

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