Ashley and Tracey Hord

Ashley and Tracey Hord
Ashley and Tracey Hord
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Ashley and Tracey both previous missionaries, met in Botswana, Africa and were married in Tracey's home country of Zimbabwe on April 30, 2005. After moving back to Houston, Texas, where Ashley was born and raised, in July 2006, God blessed them with three beautiful children. Esther is thirteen, Joseph is nine, and Hannah is eight. While in Houston, they fellowshipped and served at The Crossing Church of the Nazarene.

The Hord family has been serving in the country of Lesotho, located in the southern African region, since March 2016. Their assignment is in children’s ministry, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ along with discipleship through Good News Clubs in public and private schools as well as local villages. The gospel has been shared with more than 3,000 children in the last three years. In 2019 they started the Reach 4 Life program with high school students, where more than 1,000 students are being presented with the Word of God each week. Beginning in 2020 the Hords are helping to revive and coordinate the satellite Bible school in Lesotho for pastoral training. Working with local pastors, they have assisted in church development through Children’s ministry training. They have also helped begin an elementary school, Cornerstone Nazarene Primary School, which started out with 6 students in 2017 and has grown to over 50 students in 2020.

Please pray for:

-God to bless the people with whom we will be serving.

-God to use us to further His kingdom in Lesotho.

-More helpers to grow the ministry in the schools.

Cornerstone Primary Nazarene School boarding facility project

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