Jongil and Sunjoo Kim

Jongil and Sunjoo Kim
Jongil and Sunjoo Kim
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I was a strong Buddhist before being born again in Christ.  In 1989, I went Australia to study computer engineering for my future. While studying, I was involved in 6 car accidents in 3 years. During this time I seriously thought about my life and eventually met Jesus through an old Korean pastor. Jesus touched my heart in 1991 and I became a Christian. In 1994 I went to study at Korea Nazarene Theological College and graduated in 1996. God then called me to be a Nazarene Aboriginal Missionary in Australia. In 2001 we were appointed as Regional Missionaries.

History tells us that there has been many contacts by Europeans with Aboriginal people around the North, East, and South of Australia for 200 years before the "first fleet” arrived on the 26th of January 1788. Around the 1900’s two interdenominational missions were started up. In 1996, the Church of the Nazarene with the help of our family, began to minister in Western Australia, among the very remote Aboriginal communities. Now we have 9 preaching point Mission Churches.

We have one son, three daughters, and two grandchildren.

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