Greg and Christina Miller

Greg and Christina Miller
Greg and Christina Miller
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Doctors Greg and Christina Miller have served as missionaries in Malawi (a landlocked country in the Central Africa Region) since 2017. Greg is an ordained Nazarene minister with a PhD in Historical Theology who lectures at Nazarene Theological College of Central Africa. Christina is a medical doctor specialized in Family Medicine and Preventive Medicine who trains residents and facilitates public health programs at Nkhoma Mission Hospital. There is less than one doctor for every 25,000 people in Malawi, so training healthcare providers and introducing preventive measures literally saves lives. There are over 100 organized churches in the Central District

and many churches have Children's Development Center outreaches, which are ideal environments to bring health initiatives to villages. Greg and Christina work with local pastors to bring grassroots, self-replicating Community Health Evangelism interventions to villages in Malawi through existing church structures. We envision a healthy and whole Malawi where the country's greatest needs are met by local pastors using local resources, breaking cycles of poverty to bring education, healing, and an improved vision of God's Kingdom.

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